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Mazin Mansour

Arabic Calligrapher
A young Arabic calligrapher who translate his passion about the Arabic letters in a creative way. Maintaining the authentic soul of this art with modern touches to produce a valuable piece of art.

Art Activities
Have a lot of Arabic Calligraphy activities like a workshops , Jewells designs , fashion designs and books covers.

Have art pieces acquired by governmentalm and private sittings.


  • Companion in Night ( الصاحب في السهر ) at Acoustic restaurant and art gallery , April, 2022

  • Karlamt Solo at Acoustic restaurant and art gallery , 2016

  • Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Art Gallery, Riyadh 2016

  • Behance event 2016

  • Asalat Harf 2 Gallery , Riyadh 2016

  • Asalat Harf1 Gallery, Riyadh 2015

  • Auction of Resalah Gallery,Riyadh 2015

  • International Arabic Letter Festival gallery ,Riyadh 2014

  • Ispired Letter gallery, Jeddah 2012

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