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Mostafa Rabie

Arabic Artist
Born in 1992
BA- Information Systems, Menya University, 2013.
The basic motif behind Mostafa Rabie’screations so far has been a raw sense ofoptimism and fresh charm. His style treads a thin line between instinctual and naïve art, a space where child-like lines and compositions exist but with the intention of a skilled artist.

His subject matter is deeply rooted inEgyptian folklore, yet it’s almost awonderland version of our culture. All hisfigures are playful and light-weight, as thoughthey are dolls or marionettes in a children’stheatre, but depicted with the skill of a.mature artist


  • Ministry of Culture full-time artist grand2015/2016

  • Rose Al Youssef award 2014

  • Award from the ministry of youth 2014

  • CIB award at youth salon 2015 - Encouragement award

  • youth salon,2017 - Encouragement award

  • Upper Egypt salon,2016- collectibles at the ministry of culture, ministry o-youth, General Authority for Cultural Palaces andThe museum of modern art in Egypt

  • Rabie’s work is part of private collections in -Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, Oman, Holland, USA, and Kuwait


Solo Exhibitions

  • Cherry exhibition at Zamalek art gallery, 2020

  • Moments exhibition at Zamalek art gallery, 2019

  • Happiness x joy exhibition at Zamalek art, 2018

  • Hope is a Traveller, Room art concept 2018, Toronto, Canada

  • The Age of Innocence, Zamalek art, 2017(

Group Exhibitions

  • Group exhibition at the mono art gallery at KSA 2020 - 2021

  • Group exhibition for Egyptian artists at Becarre art gallery,Kuwait 2018

  • Cairo drawing salon(salon du Caire), Cairo operahouse,2018, Egypt

  • Black and white group exhibition, Gezira art centre, May2017

  • Agenda exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandria conferencecentre 2016,2018

  • Clyde&co annual contest, Dubai 2017

  • Youth salon 2013,2014,2015,2016

  • Upper Egypt international salon three rounds2014,2015,2016

  • A2 group exhibition at Anima Gallery 2015/2016, Doha,Qatar

  • Egyptian heritage group show under the patronage of thefrench university in Egypt, senary culture centre, Cairo2017

  • First time exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandria .2015

  • Group exhibition at Art corner gallery, Cairo, Egypt

  • Group exhibition at khan alfonon gallery, Cairo, Egypt

  • Kavafis Group exhibition, Gezira art centre , Cairo, Egypt

  • Group exhibition at (Dom Fann) gallery , Cairo, Egypt

  • Group exhibition, Tunisia

  • Group exhibition at Jeddah atelier,Jeddah, KSA

  • Alkasabi art contest 2015/2016,Jeddah, KSA

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